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Linux closes on Windows in usability tests

SimonV · Aug 11, 2003 5
Linux closes on Windows in usability tests

The open-source operating system may be beginning to lose its user-unfriendly reputation with recent improvements, according to a German study

Linux is only marginally more difficult for users to learn than Windows XP, according to a study carried out by German usability testing agency Relevantive.

The tests, which compared SuSE Linux 8.2 Professional running the KDE 3.1.2 desktop environment to Windows XP, found that users were able to learn and complete tasks in Linux nearly as quickly as they could in Windows, and in some cases more quickly.

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IT workers need more skills - bosses

Phil · Aug 10, 2003 0
Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England can all expect to see an increase in demand for IT jobs over the next year.

However, the increase in demand for IT staff - estimated to grow by 4 per cent in some regions over the next twelve months - is likely to be offset by further downward pressure on jobs in London and the South East.

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'Ethical' hackers probe for holes

SimonV · Aug 10, 2003 0
'Ethical' hackers probe for holes

TORONTO -- In a 17th-floor corner office in north Toronto, computer nerds are feverishly attacking Corporate Canada -- and getting paid for their efforts.

''If you have a system on line, you will be a target. You are either a target of choice or a target of opportunity,'' said Simon Tang, manager of Deloitte and Touche LLP's Internet security team.

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tripwire45 · Aug 8, 2003 3
I just read this article: http://techupdate.zdnet.com/techupdate/stories/main/0,14179,2914431,00.html published by URL. It says in part, that we could use IPv6 on most computers right now. How? It's a completely different system.

Google introduces free news alerts

Phil · Aug 8, 2003 0
Google is expanding its news section with tools to let users sign up for news alerts or search specific news publications.

With the news alerts tool, users type in the news topic they would like to track, and choose whether they would like to receive bulletins once a day or "as it happens." The alerts will be sent to the e-mail address supplied by the user.

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IBM gets AS/400 running on PSone

Phil · Aug 7, 2003 0
Hackers may have oiled the rails for Linux fans eager to run their favourite Penguin-fronted operating system on Xbox, but that's nothing compared to IBM's latest in-house project: running the OS/400 enterprise operating system on a humble PSone.

It sounds unlikely, but according to Dr. Frank Soltis, iSeries chief scientist for IBM, researchers at the company's Rochester laboratory are doing just this.

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Linux on Itanium passes milestone

SimonV · Aug 6, 2003 0
Linux on Itanium passes milestone

Linux can now run on Intel's high end processor without needing special patches

The Itanium version of Linux crossed an important threshold on Monday, developers said: it now can be built from the standard software maintained by Linux leader Linus Torvalds rather than requiring special patches.

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Sneaky virus poses as email from sysadmin

Phil · Aug 4, 2003 0
One of the sneakiest viruses to date began spreading rapidly across the Internet this weekend.

Mimail, which poses as an email from a potential victim's own sysadmin or ISP, suggests that a user's email account is about to expire.

Potential victims are urge to open an attachment message.zip, containing a copy of the virus.

Users who unzip the file find another innocent-looking HTML file inside, named 'message.html'.

This file contains an embedded EXE file, when opened in vulnerable versions of Internet Explorer, will drop an executable named foo.exe and run it. More information on the IE MHTML vulnerability used here can be found in an April 2003 advisory by Microsoft.

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Spam emails hide key logger virus

SimonV · Aug 1, 2003 0
Spam emails hide key logger virus

A dangerous strain of 'virus spam' is tricking computer users into allowing serious infections into home and business computer systems, IT experts have warned.
According to industry body The Corporate IT Forum (Tif) virus spam, or 'v-spam', dodges antivirus and firewall systems by tempting users to click on a website link contained in an email which then sends them a virus.

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