Microsoft Outwits Blaster Worm

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Aug 18, 2003.

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    Microsoft Outwits Blaster Worm

    The second wave of an Internet attack by the "blaster" worm barely caused a ripple Saturday.

    Microsoft Corp. said it had no major problems from the worm's attempt to turn thousands of infected computers into instruments targeting the software company's Web site and network.

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    1. flex22
      Somebody's gonna hang for this partner
    2. tripwire45
      I hate to say it, but this whole "Blaster Worm" thing seems a little odd. Why go through the trouble to orchestrate a major attack on M$, have the whole thing leaked out so that masses of M$ OS users will have time to download patches from M$, then have the whole thing end up being a "ripple"?

      Could this be M$'s latest ploy to have users download more junk from them??? :croc
    3. flex22
      Tripwire45 said: "This whole "Blaster Worm" thing seems a little odd."

      Your right Tripwire.

      I think it's more than a little odd, I've been thinking on it somewhat and I think it's downright baffling. :hhhmmm

      There's more to this than meets the eye :ivn
    4. Jakamoko
      I know what you guys mean by the above, but I can't remember if it was here or elsewhere I read that the Blaster "creator(s)" had mistaken time & date differences around the Globe in the worm code, which meant that what was meant to be a precisely orchestrated attack turned into a bit of a farce.

      This then forced them to re-schedule the "attack" for Saturday, by which time any of us with our heads screwed on were prepared for it !

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