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HUGE changes to VMware Certification! And its good news

JK2447 · May 7, 2024 5

Launching Today: The VMware Certification Program just got a major upgrade!

Enhanced flexibility now makes earning your VMware certification easier than ever. Here’s what’s new:

Say goodbye to prerequisites!
↳Completing a training course or prerequisite certification is no longer required to earn a certification. Just keep in mind that certification upgrades continue to be offered through official courses.

Introducing standardized exam fees!
↳All new registrations, renewals, and retakes of VCTA, VCP, and VCAP exams will now be a flat fee of $250 USD with no changes to the exam content.

You can read more here

Cisco Launches CCST IT Support Certification

Kitkatninja · Mar 21, 2024 1

Cisco Launches CCST IT Support Certification

Gaining this new entry-level Cisco certification will ensure you’re well-versed in the job-role skills needed to complete the common responsibilities in the tech industry. One of the unique aspects of this certification is you’ll not only develop technical skills, but you’ll learn to use interpersonal skills, such as communication, active listening, and expressing technical concepts.

Other important skills and responsibilities associated with IT support specialists include:

Troubleshooting hardware issues that involve ports and cables as well as connectivity and resource access issues.
Troubleshooting operation systems and application issues, such as display settings and updates on Windows and MacOS operating systems and mobile device issues.
Dealing with common threats to the end user, such as malware, phishing, and Personally identifiable information (PII) data.
Leveraging a broad set of...

Top 17 IT Certifications in Demand for 2023

JK2447 · Aug 31, 2023 2

According to Indeed.com, a popular employment website, there are 17 popular IT certificiations that they see being mentioned in IT roles that they advertise. As an employment website, you would imagine they know what's hot and what's not, what do you think?

Here is there list:

Accenture launches free cybersecurity upskilling program in effort to fill 1 million entry-level job

Kitkatninja · Jun 18, 2023 0

Accenture launches free cybersecurity upskilling program in effort to fill 1 million entry-level jobs

The number of cybersecurity attacks continues to increase each year and, problematically, the number of unfilled jobs in the field. In fact, reports indicate there are as many as 3.4 million open cybersecurity positions worldwide, with more than 700,000 open jobs in the U.S. alone.

A number of companies are trying to solve this shortage, including...

Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge 2023

Kitkatninja · May 10, 2023 1

Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenge 2023

Microsoft is offering the Cloud Skills Challenge again for free from the 23rd of May 2023! However you are sign up for it now.

Complete a track and receive a free Microsoft exam voucher.

Register here at: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/cloudskillschallenge/build/registration/2023

*Your free Microsoft Certification exam offer will be delivered by June 30, 2023, and will expire on September 27, 2023. You must complete your exam before this date. We highly recommend booking your exam by September 8, 2023, to ensure exam completion before the offer expires. To see the full list of eligible exams please refer to the official rules.

EC-Council Pledges $3.5m CCT Cyber Security Scholarships

Kitkatninja · Mar 16, 2023 1

EC-Council Pledges $3.5m CCT Cyber Security Scholarships

As a commitment to closing the cybersecurity workforce gap by creating multi-domain cyber technicians, EC-Council pledges $3.5 million towards C|CT education and certification Scholarships to certify approximately 10,000 cyber professionals ready to contribute to the industry.

This scholarship initiative will offer successful awardees a unique, entry-level technical course with complete instruction, e-courseware, practical hands-on labs, critical thinking challenges, live Cyber Range activities, and a performance-based certification exam.

Successful awardees will receive scholarship discounts to cover the cost of the education, certification resources, exam proctoring and technology fees.

Successful awardees will be required to pay a small fee ($199) to cover the certification exams proctoring and technology fee

Full Story...

New Entry-Level Cisco Certifications to Start Your IT Career

Kitkatninja · Feb 1, 2023 2

New Entry-Level Cisco Certifications to Start Your IT Career

Cisco Networking Academy and Cisco Learning & Certifications have teamed up to introduce two new entry-level Certified Support Technician certifications focused on entry-level tech job seekers, career changers, and even college and high school students.

Here’s what you need to know about Cisco’s two new certifications:

The Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) Cybersecurity certification validates entry-level Cybersecurity knowledge and skills to support and assist with tasks including security principles, network security and endpoint security concepts, vulnerability assessment and risk management, and incident handling.

The Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) Networking certification ensures successful candidates have the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate how networks operate, including the devices, media, and protocols that enable network...

Unscheduled breaks now available in most exams without requesting in advance

JK2447 · May 17, 2022 0

Unscheduled breaks now available in most exams without requesting in advance

Sitting exams can be hard, there's lots of study, and what if you need a comfort break in the middle of a 2 hour exam! Forget about it... until now! Starting on May 16, 2022, you will be able to take unscheduled breaks during Microsoft exams without requesting them in advance through the accommodation request process.

You can read more about it here

Just remember people, don't take short cuts or try to cheat during your break. Don't be like 2nd Technician Arnold Rimmer :smiliepalm:

IBM and edX Launch First MicroBachelors Program

JK2447 · Oct 22, 2021 2

IBM and edX Launch First MicroBachelors Program

It seems that IT vendors are increasing looking for ways to meet your education needs, with IBM now partnering with edX to provide a micro Batchelors degree program. I checked and the intro to Computer Science was £324 which is quite reasonable to be fair. All remote and online.

“We’re delighted that IBM is our first corporate partner to offer a MicroBachelors program on edX. Not only is IBM a longtime partner in delivering online education that equips learners with real skills for the workplace, but they are innovating with us as we meet the needs of learners without a college degree with our MicroBachelors programs. This particular program is incredible because it’s for people with no prior programming or cloud experience, and prepares them for an entry-level role as a full stack developer with the option to get college credit from our university credit partner.” – Anant Agarwal, edX Founder and...

VMware certifications retiring soon

JK2447 · Jun 16, 2021 0

VMware Certifications retiring soon

As technologies advance and change, so much the IT certification. Please see below, what retires when, or click here for a full list with interactive links.
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