EC-Council Pledges $3.5m CCT Cyber Security Scholarships

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    EC-Council Pledges $3.5m CCT Cyber Security Scholarships

    As a commitment to closing the cybersecurity workforce gap by creating multi-domain cyber technicians, EC-Council pledges $3.5 million towards C|CT education and certification Scholarships to certify approximately 10,000 cyber professionals ready to contribute to the industry.

    This scholarship initiative will offer successful awardees a unique, entry-level technical course with complete instruction, e-courseware, practical hands-on labs, critical thinking challenges, live Cyber Range activities, and a performance-based certification exam.

    Successful awardees will receive scholarship discounts to cover the cost of the education, certification resources, exam proctoring and technology fees.

    Successful awardees will be required to pay a small fee ($199) to cover the certification exams proctoring and technology fee

    Full Story here
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      Cyber is a great career. It’s good that they are taking the lead on this

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