Windows admin 'feature' poses latest hazard

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Aug 20, 2003.

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    <img border="0" src="../logos/ms_flag.gif" align="right"><font size="3">Windows admin 'feature' poses latest hazard</font>

    An obscure messaging feature in Windows could be the latest source of security problems for Internet users, experts have warned

    Security experts are warning users to switch off a Windows messaging feature that has been taken over by spammers and could now pose the latest security threat for Windows users.

    The feature, known as the messenger service, was originally designed to let a network administrator send warnings to users when, for example, a server is scheduled to go down for maintenance. Last year, bulk advertisers began using the tool to send pop-up advertising messages directly to a user's computer, and researchers say it would be simple for a virus writer to exploit the feature as well. The feature is not related to Microsoft's instant messaging software.

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    1. Fergal1982
      im liking this feature. give me more. more dammit! lol.

      i think spammers should be punished - an the companies should be severely punished!

    2. Phoenix
      lol i remember getting one of those a few years back in my 2k server
      i was like, 'time to get a firewall'
      im trying to find the screenshot, it was quite amusing the first time :)
    3. Fergal1982
      lol you gotta post it phoenix.

      i want to get into networking i think, def go for the network+ after the a+

    4. Phoenix
      recommend u spent the money setting up a home network (of decent size) instead :)
      much more insightful and u can probably plod through the Net+ with a couple of good books and some will power after that :)

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