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Time running out for Windows NT

SimonV · Jun 27, 2003 1
Time running out for Windows NT

Microsoft's extended support for the 7-year-old workstation version of the operating system ceases at the end of the month.

The clock is ticking for those Microsoft customers still using the software maker's Windows NT 4.0 workstation operating system.
Microsoft's telephone support for the 7-year-old operating system ceases at the end of June. Customers' only option will be to go online to work out problems themselves. Until now, the Redmond, Wash., software maker has kept up its paid telephone, or "extended," support and has developed any needed security patches for the operating system.

Those with the server version of NT 4.0 have a bit more time. As earlier reported, extended support for that operating system doesn't expire until the end of 2004. Extended support consists of paid support and continued security patches known as "hot fixes."

Microsoft had planned to end support for NT 4 Server some time this year, but...

Microsoft urged to fry its own spam

SimonV · Jun 26, 2003 0
Microsoft recently launched a high-profile campaign against spammers, but some critics say the company should be more introspective if it is serious about reducing the scourge of unwanted e-mail. ....Full Story

10 Top Dos and Don'ts for Your IT Career

SimonV · Jun 25, 2003 8
10 Top Dos and Don'ts for Your IT Career

There is no standard method or formula for ensuring IT career success. In fact, there are many different career approaches and options. However, sustaining and building a successful IT career should not be left to chance. IT professionals often have to deal with a variety of situations that could either threaten or sustain their careers.

The following “dos and don’ts” tips are to help you sustain and grow your IT career.

Do Plan and Execute Your Career in a Proactive Manner
It is not enough to work, or to decide that you want a career, in IT. Set your career goals and determine the steps you should take to realize your goals. Don’t approach your career in an unplanned manner, by simply hoping for the best. Ask yourself these questions: Where are you? What are your goals? How are you progressing, and how do you want to progress? Take an honest look at your situation and take control. Review trends in the IT...
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