Does it matter when to get a Security+

Discussion in 'Security+' started by Junaid15, Mar 10, 2018.

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    I am currently in a community college and will be transferring to a 4 year university this upcoming fall with a major in cyber security. I was planning on taking the exam soon, but a friend of mine told that employers prefer to have a security+ at a 4 year university rather than a community college. Does it matter if I get the certification or now or at a 4 year university? Thanks.
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    Security+ is an entry-level cert so no problem to take the exam when you feel ready to do so.
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    It doesn't matter when you get the Sec+, as Sparky says it's an entry level exam and doesn't require any previous / provable experience (unlike the CISSP).

    If you're ready for it, go for it.
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