Talking computers nearing reality

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Jul 9, 2003.

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    Talking computers nearing reality

    Machines that listen and talk like humans are becoming a reality, many researchers and executives say.

    The technical kinks, high costs and application misfires that have held back the acceptance of speech recognition and activation--one of computing's Holy Grails--are being ironed out, they say. As a result, companies are coming out with a variety of products that will let consumers access databases using voice commands, or transform e-mails into one- or two-way verbal exchanges

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    1. brent
      Do thay say ouch when you give em a gently push!!! :eek:
    2. tripwire45
      I think it's going a little too far. Star Trek's talking computers aside, I think it would be more annoying than anything else. Imagine booting up your PC only to hear it say: "Seven new Microsoft Updates are now available. Press the Enter key to begin download <message repeats>".

      It would be like your car telling you to buckle your seat belt when you first get in...or your microwave telling you that your coffee has been heated (or "tea...Earl"). No thanks, "Big Brother". MS already makes their operating systems annoying enough with their reminders. Next, websites will have talking pop ups...talking spam...talking...
    3. Jakamoko
      Isn't that what Wives and Girlfriends are for, anyway ?
    4. Rosy
      Watch it Jak - there are females in here remember!!! :evil:

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