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Most IT pros not planning on Windows 7 rollout

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    Most IT pros not planning on Windows 7 rollout

    The recessionary squeeze on IT departments' manpower and finances will hinder the rollout of Windows 7, according to a major poll of IT professionals.

    Nearly 60 per cent of those in small, medium and large organizations currently have no plans whatsoever to deploy Microsoft's next client, says Windows management specialist ScriptLogic's survey.

    Thirty-four per cent said they were likely to deploy by the end of 2010, approximately a year after Windows 7 ships. The operating system is due on October 22, 2009.

    Article: Here


    Compliments to Modey for the find :)
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    1. Qs
      I really want to say Duh

      ...but I won't (doh!) :p

    2. BosonMichael
      Of course not; there's no compelling reason to rush right out and upgrade. Windows XP and Vista work just fine. Plus, third-party app vendors are not going to support their apps on Windows 7 right at launch... that'll take time - just like every other OS that has rolled out over the past umpteen years.

      What I envision happening is something similar to what happened with XP and Vista (without all the Vista driver issues): companies will continue to buy new PCs with Vista until they are fairly confident that all of their apps work on W7, and then they'll start buying new PCs with W7. And in very few cases will they upgrade an existing OS.
    3. JK2447
    4. zebulebu
    5. Phoenix
      Actually there are compelling reasons

      first: XP is out of support, too bad if your still using it, you might as well be using Apple IIs and fishbowl CRTs your level of IT investment

      second: many people never upgraded to vista, too much work to get all their **** working in a OS that closed all the security holes they relied on

      third: MED-V/XP Mode, compatibility problems? what compatibility problems?

      I wonder what the sample size is, nearly all the guys I have spoken too are VERY keen to get upgrading as their XP deployments are almost 10 years old!
    6. BosonMichael
      Dunno, mate... I don't know anyone who is going to roll it out upon release.
    7. JK2447
      Our main man Ken Wagner is . . . . that is he was, not sure if financial pressures put a stop to it?
    8. wagnerk
      We were going to roll it out on release, but now with the new time frame from MS, we won't get it in time for our summer projects, so it'll have to be next year.

    9. zebulebu
      Pooh. Just because you don't want to spend ****loads of money upgrading a perfectly good, serviceable desktop O/S doesn't mean you make no investment in IT. I've spent plenty of money where I am now - in the middle of the biggest recession for 50 years - on ESX, VC, SAN, Network infrastructure, firewall upgrades, a pucker IDS etc etc. I see no reason to upgrade a desktop O/S which is going to require everyone in the organisation to spend weeks learning its vagaries. I won't look at it for at least two years after release.

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