Zotob author may be virus mastermind

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    Zotob author may be virus mastermind

    The teenager arrested on suspicion of writing and distributing the Zotob Windows 2000 worm may have authored more than 20 other viruses, it has emerged. The claim was made by anti-virus company Sophos, which has analysed a number of viruses incorporating the Diabl0 "handle” or moniker used by the accused, 18-year-old Farid Essebar. Other viruses and worms suspected of being his handiwork include the Mydoom variant, Mydoom-BG, and the Zotob-related Mytob worm that the company says currently accounts for over half of all virus traffic reported to it in August.

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    1. Phoenix
      i always found it amusing this viris writers put thier name on the damn things, lol
      'it increases my cred'
      yup, and your time

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