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Yahoo Webmail Worm on the Loose

Discussion in 'News' started by Mr.Cheeks, Jun 12, 2006.

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    Yahoo Webmail Worm on the Loose

    Security experts are warning of a new e-mail worm that takes advantage of a flaw in Yahoo's Web mail system to redirect users to advertising sites and to spread the worm to everyone in the victim's e-mail address book.

    According to an advisory issued by Symantec, "JS.Yamanner" exploits an unpatched Javascript vulnerability that kicks in when the user opens an e-mail infected by the worm. Unlike most e-mail-based worms -- which launch when the recipient clicks on an infected file attachment -- this one spreads merely by getting the user to open the e-mail.

    There may well be different versions of this bugger going around, but the one being tracked at the moment has "[email protected]" in the sender field, with the subject "New Graphic site." Symantec said users of Yahoo Mail Beta do not appear to be vulnerable to the worm.....

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