Women wanted as games programmers

Discussion in 'News' started by Mitzs, May 9, 2005.

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    Women wanted as games programmers

    A UK university is trying to get women to apply for a computer games programming degree.

    The University of Derby is launching a programming course and has had 106 applicants - all men.

    So it is making a special effort to persuade women that solitary hours in front of a computer screen can be good for their career prospects.

    For the full story.

    BBC News

    Come on ladies, are you going to let the guys have all the fun? Step forward and be counted!
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    1. Talfwr
      Women should go for this. I'd be interested to see what games they would focus on Stratergy, RPG, Action.

      I really think they would give the lads a run for there money and probably end up top of the class :rolleyes: .

      I'm a man and I've got to admit when women put their minds to it there is nothing, not even a brick wall, that could stop them :twisted: .

      I hope they get some applicants :biggrin

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