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Wireless network security testing

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Sep 26, 2006.

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    Wireless network security testing

    All security administrators have 802.11-based wireless in their environments, right? Actually, many Windows administrators would be inclined to answer "no" or "in limited areas" to this question, which seems reasonable with all the "no wireless" and "limited wireless" policies I've seen lately. Policies or no policies, though, the truth is that most organizations have more wireless systems -- especially more unsecured wireless systems -- running than they ever bargained for. There is planned wireless connectivity in training rooms, reception areas, and satellite offices as well as unplanned/rogue wireless in the form of Windows laptops running in ad-hoc mode and an access point set up by an employee for the sake of convenience. Or, there could be a malicious attacker running an "evil twin" access point to lure wireless users into his den of iniquity.

    Learn more about wireless security testing by clicking Here.
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    1. Nelix
      Only just got round to looking at this, it's a good little article full of links to more information.

      Nice find indeed, thanks for sharing.

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