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WinXP SP3 Roll-out

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. tripwire45
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    WinXP SP3 Roll-out

    It's been a wild week regarding SP3. This Tuesday, Redmond said that although SP3 was ready, they were going to give priority to Vista SP1, and that SP3 would have to wait. The reason given was bandwidth management. That caused a serious amount of noise from existing MSDN and TechNet users, who complained that the build had already made it on the bittorrent download sites and asked themselves why they would need to renew their subscriptions. However, Microsoft quickly came to its senses and around 10pm, April 23 the SP3 download appeared unannounced on both TechNet and MSDN. That's the right thing to do of course, as professional users need to go through a series of tests to make sure nothing breaks before they deploy. And for the large percentage of sites that is not planning to move their users to Vista any time soon, it's even more important to get their hands on SP3.

    Unfortunately, there's not direct link to this story hosted at WServerNews.com. Currently (as of April 25th), it's posted at the top of their main page in the Editor's Corner, but I'm sure that'll change. I suppose if it doesn't appear prominently, you could search the site for the title and hope for the best. Worth a read, I think.
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    1. Sparky
      Just installed SP3, no major drama although after I rebooted the Windows splash screen went back to the one where you are installing XP from scratch. :eek:

      Obviously I had backed everything up before installing the SP, no really, I had :biggrin
    2. Stoney
      I believe you Sparky.............:biggrin
    3. Mitzs
      How does unreleased software from MS make it to bittorrent sites? :dry
    4. hbroomhall
      SP3 was released to testers and experts as far as I know. What was about to appear, and has been held up with a problem, is the general push to everyone.

    5. Sparky
      I got it from my Technet subscription 8)
    6. The_Geek
      Be sure to read this from M$ regarding 3rd party programs before you install SP3, specifically ATI graphics cards. M$ says you won't be able to rotate your desktop. I'm seeing everything from this to the system will not load graphics at all. Uninstalling SP3 resolved the issue until the correct drivers can be installed.

      Of course, having customers call you about this after they installed SP3 WITHOUT reading all the warnings before hand makes them all billable calls. :twisted:
    7. BosonMichael

      Yikes. Not gonna do it.
    8. nugget
      Cool. Easy money again for the next 2 months then.8)
    9. The_Geek
      Exactly right. :twisted:
    10. greenbrucelee
      I have got SP3 installed, I haven't had any issues..........yet.
    11. greenbrucelee

      I have uninstalled it due to programs loading slowly especially ones on start up like my firewall & AV, apart from that I had no issues.
    12. Sparky
      Weird, what AV are you running mate?
    13. Juspaul
      My Laptop went boobs up after I installed SP3.

      Like GBL became painfully slow to start up and load up programs, then starting freezing, ending in a lovely blue screen of death (even in safe mode) within 24 hours off install, basically stuffed the whole drive, thankfully I had backups of website masters and a spare hard drive. Mind you, I did lose a few photos like the BT ad.

      Currently back to Windows 2000 until I can find my XP disks. Oh well such is life.
    14. onoski
      I installed Win xp sp 3 on my wife's computer and so far no issues whatsoever and then again still early days. I must say so far am impressed:)
    15. Sparky
      Not good, I thought SP3 was basically all the security patches since SP2 and a few extra features so I assumed (big mistake!) there wouldn’t be as much grief as SP2 when it was released.

      Maybe we should all upgrade to Vista? Well, maybe not! :biggrin
    16. greenbrucelee
      I am running Avira AntiVir. Its probably not SP3 its probably these apps etc do no not have appropriate updates as of yet.
    17. greenbrucelee
      The download said it was 69 odd MB so I think it was slightly more than security updates which I thought it was. Funny thing is a copule of my games seem to be running and looking better, unless I have had too much stella :blink

      It'll be a couple of weeks and third party AV progs will run in SP3, you know how it is :biggrin
    18. tripwire45
      Being paranoid, I wonder if this is Microsoft's ploy...to make XP act so badly, that Vista will actually seem like an attractive alternative? :blink
    19. Juspaul
      I hope not, XP was a mare when it first came out, but now I find it stable and reliable (until I added SP3 lol). I'm not that familiar with Vista yet but from experience of sorting out a couple of friends machines its full of bugs and runs very little well.

      I'm sticking with XP, I might even try SP3 again when I get reinstalled properly. Currently back down to Win2000, Feels like 3.11 all over again, I forgot quite how functional XP is.

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