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Windows Vista will be released December 1st

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. tripwire45
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    Windows Vista will be released December 1st

    Take this one with a grain of salt, gang. -Trip

    Or November 30th. How do I know? Well, Microsoft EMEA has put up a website where you can guess the launch date for Windows Vista. After you submit a date, it plays a “hint” video. There’s actually a bunch of videos, some of which are quite funny. Anyway, here comes the interesting part: If you take a look at the page source, the videos are hosted on a Microsoft server in Switzerland. And depending on your guess, they are being loaded either from a subdirectory /early/ or another one named /late/. By simple iteration I quickly found that “early” ends Nov 30th while “late” starts Dec 1st. So either one of these will be the launch date. If this all is not a dirty little trick from the webmaster, of course…

    Find the source article Here.
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    1. arisen
      they really should be releasing this year, so december 1st sounds about right????
    2. JonnyMX
      It'll be late...
    3. zimbo
      umm so?? :twisted: dont know about you guys but im not really excited about vista..
    4. JonnyMX
      Excited isn't really the right word...
      As a developer though I'm always intersted in new stuff.
      We've been playing with an old beta release for a while now and it'll be nice to see the full product.
    5. wagnerk
      So when is the next version of Windows (post Vista) coming out? Can't wait for that one :rolleyes:
    6. noelg24
      haha that would be what their calling Vienna...I would guesstimate another 5yrs maybe more...

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