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Windows Vista the last of its kind?

Discussion in 'News' started by zimbo, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. zimbo
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    Windows Vista the last of its kind?

    Vista will be the last version of Windows that exists in its current, monolithic form, according to Gartner.

    Instead, the research firm predicts, Microsoft will be forced to migrate Windows to a modular architecture tied together through hardware-supported virtualisation. "The current, integrated architecture of Microsoft Windows is unsustainable - for enterprises and for Microsoft," wrote Gartner analysts Brian Gammage, Michael Silver and David Mitchell Smith.

    The problem is that the operating system's increasing complexity is making it ever more difficult for enterprises to implement migrations, and impossible for Microsoft to release regular updates. This, in turn, stands in the way of Microsoft's efforts to push companies to subscription licensing.

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    1. ffreeloader
      This is weird. I posted something on this about 16hours ago. I wonder what happened to it.
    2. zimbo
      you sure? :rolleyes:
    3. ffreeloader
      Yeah, I found this on /. very early in the morning PST and thought it was interesting so I posted it here. Somehow it disappeared.

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