Windows Vista Build 5231: Parts I and II

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    Windows Vista Build 5231: Parts I and II

    Microsoft is right on schedule with this month’s Windows Vista CTP (Community Technology Preview). We had to really pull some strings to get this release slightly ahead of schedule, but we managed it and it’s our pleasure to bring you our initial analysis of the new build, titled 5231. We’ll publish a follow-up piece once we’ve had the chance to analyze it in greater detail.

    Interface: Nothing much has changed since the 5129 build, as the UI appears to be more or less set in pattern, though we do hope that Microsoft makes the color scheme a bit more cheery than a hybrid of translucent colors.

    New Features and Applications: Even though Microsoft has not made any graphical changes to the interface, there are a lot of new features and updated applications that have made their way into 5231.

    Click Here to finish reading Part I

    Click Here to read Part II
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