Windows 95, 98 get system restore

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">Windows 95, 98 get system restore </font>

    UK-based Waycam Technologies has launched a set of data recovery tools that can add the System Restore facility to older versions of Windows. Waycam Technologies, a Lincolnshire-based security specialist, has launched a set of data recovery tools that protect PCs from accidental or malicious data loss by creating a "protected area" on the system hard drive and using it to record all changes made by the user. Waycam's GoldensoftÂ’s Recovery Series is designed for small businesses and home users who want to add another layer of protection to their data. The system is similar to that provided by Windows XP's System Restore utility, which allows a PC's configuration to be "rolled back" in case a conflict arises, but Waycam's utility can be used with all versions of the Microsoft OS made after Windows 95.

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