Why Linux needs a mentor program

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    Why Linux needs a mentor program

    I thought this was a very worthwhile read, especially given the fact that some of you may want to learn Linux but are concerned that you might encounter a problem you would be hard pressed to solve.

    Imagine you're a new Linux user. You ordered an Ubuntu CD weeks ago and forgot about it. You're surprised it actually comes in the mail. You slap the shiny disc into your PC and cross your fingers. The installation is quite slick. You're impressed by the splash screen and attractive desktop. Wow, you think you're hot stuff -- a Linux user. But the euphoria fades as you realize there's a problem with your modem. Now what do you do? This is what happened to one of my coworkers, who called me to get help with his system after he installed Linux. After we worked through his modem problem (he had the wrong port selected), he asked me a lot of questions about Linux. Some of the answers could have been found in a good Linux FAQ, but not all of them. A question about menus in Ubuntu stumped me because I run Gentoo, but I was able to do some research and had the answer ready the next day at work. Since then, I have continued to give him Linux help and advice while he gives me excellent programming tips. It's a win-win situation.

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    1. Boycie
      Thanks Trip- another good link.
      I thought the friend you were helping was me but then I remembered that I haven't got a modem in my Linux box :biggrin


      Just realised you weren't the editor. Type before i think. :oops:
    2. Phoenix
      i sense a new badge on the horizon 'Linux Mentor'

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