Warning over Microsoft Word files

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    Warning over Microsoft Word files

    Writing a Microsoft Word document can be a dangerous business, according to document security firm Workshare.

    Up to 75% of all business documents contained sensitive information most firms would not want exposed, a survey by the firm revealed.

    To make matters worse 90% of those companies questioned had no idea that confidential information was leaking.

    The report warns firms to do a better job of policing documents as corporate compliance becomes more binding. [FULL STORY]

    Source: BBC News
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    1. Bluerinse
      Very interesting but it doesn't tell you how you can see this hidden data, so that you could determine whether you thought it was sensitive or not.

      Also, on the Microsoft download page they say this...

      The Remove Hidden Data add-in has not been tested on Microsoft Windows 2000. Also, the add-in cannot be installed on Windows 98 or Windows Millennium Edition.

      So, I guess everyone will HAVE to upgrade to XP, if they are concerned about this :rolleyes:


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