VMware virtual machines targeted by "Crisis" espionage malware

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    VMware virtual machines targeted by "Crisis" espionage malware

    Researchers have uncovered a single espionage malware attack that is capable of infecting multiple platforms, including computers running the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, Windows-powered mobile devices, and VMware virtual machines.

    When Ars first chronicled the trojan backdoor known as Morcut last month, we reported that it turned Macs into remote spying devices that were capable of intercepting e-mail and instant-message communications and using internal microphones and cameras to spy on people in the vicinity of the machine.

    Full Story here
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    1. JK2447
      Silly question time.... Then link didnt work on my ipad so could be just me but.. Is it saying this issue effects VMs the same way as saying it effects physical Windows boxes and Macs, seeing as you cant virtualise OSX. So still a windows and osx issue not VMware?
    2. dmarsh
      VM's are supposed to operate like a sandbox, you are not supposed to break out onto the host OS.

      Is sounds like this just does the reverse which is easy, if the host is compromised it can update the virtual disk to spread the malware to the VM.

      VMware users can protect against virtual machine malware, says Trend Micro

      The main infection vector also appears to be manual user downloads so not that scary really...
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