Vista to get Symlinks?

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Nov 1, 2005.

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    Vista to get Symlinks?

    In Vista/Longhorn server, the file system (NTFS) will start supporting a new filesystem object (examples of existing filesystem objects are files, folders etc.). This new object is a symbolic link. Think of a symbolic link as a pointer to another file system object (it can be a file, folder, shortcut or another symbolic link). So then you ask how is that different from a short-cut (the .lnk file)? Well, a shortcut will only work when used from within the Windows shell, it is a construct of the shell, and other apps don’t understand short-cuts.

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    1. ffreeloader
      LOL. Another MS copy directly from *nix.

      What a bunch of hypocrites they are. Ole' Billy doesn't have much strength of conviction or he would be making some sort of payment to the open source community for what he takes from it. His words are his own worst enemy. They show him for what he is....
    2. d-Faktor
      my 2 euro cents:

      there's a fine but distinctive line between showing your appreciation and preference for linux on the one hand, and flaming microsoft on the other. imho, your mantra is wearing thin, even if it is true.
    3. ffreeloader
      Sorry, but it just really torques me that Bill will make such a huge stink about "programmers should all get paid for what they write", go about things the way he has for many years, and then adopt everything he can use from someone else and not only not pay them nothing for using it, but make it extremely difficult for other OS's to even interoperate with Windows.

      I don't see that as a "flame" of Microsoft, but rather a comment on how Bill Gates behaves after his well-publicised rants and law suits concerning the work produced by Microsoft's programmers. If he is going to be consistent at all he needs change the behavior of his company.

      Now, it's not just in Bill Gates that I find that behavior unacceptable. Dishonesty sucks no matter who indulges in it, and that includes me if I'm dishonest. I don't leave myself out this at all.
    4. d-Faktor
      my point is, you've made your point. several similar posts ago. we get it already.

      to put it very bluntly, for me personally you've spoiled a couple of microsoft related threads by making the same pejorative remarks (or "commenting on" as you call it) about microsoft and/or gates over and over again.
      don't get me wrong, i have no problem with a little microsoft bashing from time to time, and not being much of a microsoft aficionado myself, i might even join in. but enough is enough.
      would it not be more appropriate and efficient if you just open a seperate thread where you can post all your grievances about microsoft, where you can let it all out, and who knows, maybe even get a decent discussion going? but please stop shooting down these news items and threads, because for me it's no fun reading them anymore.
    5. tripwire45
      Not to infringe on anyone's free speech rights, but the intent of this thread isn't to hold a debate on linux vs. windows or to criticize each other's personal opinions. If you need to continue this conversation, it might be better to do so using PMs or e-mails. Thanks. :offtopic
    6. Bluerinse
      Ease up D-Faktor, Freddy is entitled to say whatever he likes as long as it is within the forum rules. I actually appreciate his devils advocate stance, it is enlightening. I didn't know that *nix had a similar function as symbolic links and it doesn't surprise me at all that Microsoft are introducing the same functionality.

      What does surprise me is that Freddy is *so* anti-Microsoft, I find that odd because of his past qualifications and studies. Having said that, from what I have read most *nix aficionados seem to enjoy giving Microsoft a bashing whenever the opportunity arises :D

      I am sure that the Microsoft fans here (me included) are not offended by Mr Freeloaders comments.

      Thanks for the heads up Trip!!!
    7. ffreeloader
      Actually, I wasn't always against MS. I just have a problem with them because of what I've learned about how they have run over the little guy repeatedly, and do just exactly the opposite of what they in many instances proclaim to be for. And, if MS and Gates would change their ways I wouldn't have a problem with them. It's not that I "hate Windows and Microsoft". I hate what the company and founder have done. They have squashed a lot of little guys, and I'm a big fan of the underdog.

      Having been a "little guy" and having been squashed by the "big guys" I know just what it's like to have a dream squashed by an unethical competitor. I have zero respect for that kind of behavior.
    8. Bluerinse
      Ah, now I understand - thanks!

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