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Vista SP1 won't install on dual-boot systems: Microsoft

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. wagnerk
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    Vista SP1 won't install on dual-boot systems: Microsoft

    Are you currently running Windows and Linux in a dual-boot setup? You're going to have major headaches with Vista SP1, Microsoft has admitted.

    If you’re dualbooting Windows Vista Enterprise or Ultimate alongside a Linux distro, and have installed the Linux bootloader into the MBR, then you’re guaranteed to run into problems when installing Vista Service Pack 1, Microsoft has admitted.

    The service pack has a couple of prerequisite updates and one of them, KB935509, contains an update to the Windows Vista bootloader. However, this bootloader is often replaced by open source bootloaders like Grub when installing Linux onto a system.

    Microsoft has excused itself by saying Vista SP1 contains an update to the BitLocker feature, and replacing the bootloader is a necessary prerequisite just in case the system being serviced contains a drive encrypted with BitLocker or worse, an encrypted boot partition.

    To read the whole article, see here. This story came out in March, but I couldn't find any mention of it in CF :)

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    1. greenbrucelee
      Has anyone had any issues with XP SP3 and Vista Ultimate SP1? as I am planning on having these on my new system.
    2. hbroomhall
      XP SP3 has been fine on my system for a couple of weeks now.

      I had some problems with video drivers after the upgrade from SP2, but this turned out to be an old chipset driver. Installing the updated driver allowed the video drivers to install and all was good.

      I haven't attempted to dual-boot the machine, as I have separate machines for different OSes.

    3. greenbrucelee
      My SP3 was fine after a couple of week I also had to update some drivers, I was concerned with it running along side Vista on the same drive,
    4. tripwire45
      Interesting. At work, we have to test our product and its various functions on a variety of OS and web browser platforms including Vista and IE7. Our solution is to run them in VMware. Since VMware server is free, it would seem to be the most reasonable solution, if you need to work on multiple OS platforms, especially given this news item.
    5. ThomasMc
      Thats odd, mines works fine Vista Ult SP1 and ubuntu dual boot. Not that i use the Vista much these days
    6. GiddyG
      One of my machines had a BSOD error to do with the GDI32.DLL file after installing SP3; however, I renamed the file and copied the GDI32.DLL from the Service Pack folder and it was fine.
    7. Sparky
      Rolled out SP3 on over 100 PCs now with various builds, no issues so far. No probs with Vista SP1 either.
    8. BosonMichael
      With the advent of virtual computing, does anyone dual-boot much anymore? :blink
      yes and no! It's true virtual computing seems to be the way forward, but they times when you need to run something in a Windows 98 or 95 environment. Sometimes on LAN games the old Need for speed 3 and 4 will only work on windows 98.:blink Always seems to crash on windows XP?
    10. Sparky
      I have Windows 98 running on virtual PC (used it for the old A+), not sure it would handle a game but it was fine for the A+ studies.
      I used VMware with Windows 95 and windows 98 ME andwin2k on a windows xp PC while learning to study my Comptia A+

      The need for speed games where designed to run on windows 98, they used Voodoo and Riva TNT graphic cards! they used peer to peer network (does anyone remember this?)

      Oh nuts! there I go again chit chatting..like a moth to a flame:(
    12. Sparky
      I do remember the 3Dfx Voodoo cards, happy days! :biggrin

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