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Vista more secure than XP and open source

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. tripwire45
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    Vista more secure than XP and open source

    Windows Vista was hit by significantly fewer publicly disclosed security flaws in its first year than Windows XP and open source rivals in their first years, according to a report from Microsoft. The report, written by Jeff Jones, a security strategy director in Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing group, is part of Microsoft's effort to show that its work on redesigning the security architecture and adding new security features to Vista have paid off. Jones also found that changes to the way Microsoft handles patching has resulted in less work for system administrators on Vista compared to Windows XP.

    The rest of this report can be found at TechWorld.com.
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    1. greenbrucelee
      Maybe Vista is better with security than XP and patches work quicker and better, but how many businesses are willing to cope with downtime and afford to upgrade all their workstations to take the demand? Not many I suspect.
    2. zebulebu
      More importantly, how many businesses are willing to put up with the absolutely dire network performance of Vista which - judging by the tests I've been running on a box with SP1 beta applied are STILL not fixed a year after release?

      Vista is this decade's Millennium Edition
    3. BosonMichael
      Upgrading, I'll agree with. But what downtime?
    4. onoski
      Apart from the vista's security fixtures businesses would need to bear in mind its hardware resource intensive.

      Unfortunately, this means high spec on the hardware if its to be used in a business. Thirdly even with all the graphics fancies being turned off still doesn't help much.

      I personally, think it's not bad as an operating system but when taking into account the above issues then it becomes an issue.
    5. greenbrucelee
      Any critical workstation getting vista on it would be down time even if its just one at a time especially when the installation goes wrong because the machine needs upgrading to support Vista.

      Anyway one of the RSS blogs I watch has report saying Microsoft are dissapointed with the problems with Vista and want to crack on with Windows 7 and get it out before 2010, which in my opinion could be a mistake as they should know by now not to rush these things.
    6. Sparky
      Wait a minute, a guy working for Microsoft issues a report saying that Vista is more secure than XP and open source, get outta here! :biggrin

      No reason for corporates to switch to Vista from XP so far, especially with SP3 coming out as well. Not sure if companies still holding onto their old 2k PCs are gonna be able to hold out until the next version of Windows though.

      I’m running Vista at work and at home just to get used to it. I did notice the network performance issue, when I drag and drop a few work docs onto a server share it seems to hang and want to calculate how much time the whole operation is going to take, just move the files FFS! :biggrin
    7. zimbo
      Zeb that will be a statement that will become gold one day!
    8. BosonMichael
      Nobody said you had to upgrade existing XP workstations to Vista... what about new computers with Vista on it? No downtime there.

      Microsoft used to roll out new OSes every three years... Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP. Why should the three... no, FOUR!... years between Vista and Windows 7 be different? There were FIVE years between XP and Vista... that certainly isn't "rushing things".
    9. BosonJosh
      A couple of comments:

      1) The report is put out by Microsoft, so any comparisons to "open source" is irrelevant, IMHO. They're hardly unbiased in the matter. It's possible that the data is true, but unless the open source software was released at the same time as Vista, it's not an appropriate comparison.

      2) RE: Windows Vista has fewer initial flaws than XP. Well, duh! I would hope that they've learned how to better secure the desktop after 6 years between OS releases.

      3) The more relevant comparison, in my opinion, is how well Vista compares to a fully patched Windows XP computer. I suspect that Vista would still compare favorably. That's the selling point they should be trying to go after. I think most people would agree that Vista is more secure than the XP that was released in 2001.
    10. greenbrucelee
      The more stuff they cram into an OS the longer it will take to produce, therefore take longer to check its stable and if they rush it to retail then it wont work aswell as it should.
    11. BosonMichael
      True... but that by no means that three years is "rushing things". The differences between 98 and XP were pretty substantial, and there were only three years between them.
    12. BosonJosh
      One of the reasons it took so long to produce Vista was because they went back and re-engineered part of the OS to allow them to put out updates more frequently. Also, don't forget that they started working on Windows 7 before Windows Vista was released.
    13. greenbrucelee
      I didn't know that they started Windows 7 before vista, I thought it was just a recent thing.
    14. BosonJosh
      When I say "started" I mean that they've been planning this release for a long time. I have no knowledge about when they actually started writing code for Windows 7, but the planning started for Windows 7 before Windows Vista was released. In fact Windows 7 has gone through several code-names over the years, including Windows Blackcomb and Windows Vienna.
    15. greenbrucelee
      I did hear that Vienna was planned then the named changed to 7 but still it was after vista had been out a while.
    16. JonGlory
      For the record, I prefer Vista to Xp apart from file transfer time.

      But i don't see the point in any business upgrading to vista, unless they are buying new machines. Xp is great for what i needs to do i.e. work:biggrin

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