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Virus writers hit Google Android phones

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. UKDarkstar
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    Virus writers hit Google Android phones

    A malicious application that can steal cash via phones running Google's Android operating system has been found.

    The program poses as a media player but once installed starts sending premium rate text messages.

    The service being sent messages is operated by the malicious app's creator, who scoops up the fees.

    Discovered by Kaspersky Labs, it is believed to be the first booby-trapped application for Android.

    In a security advisory Kaspersky said that the virus - Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a - is being spread by text message. The message prompts users to install an application, 13KB in size, which purports to be a media player.

    The virus was most prevalent among Russian Android users. The risk to Android owners worldwide is believed to be low.

    Read the full story : HERE
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    1. veloce

      I bought my HTC Desire in part due to the excellent reviews it got regarding the speed of the Snapdragon processor, and it is quick. Now it looks like we might be bogged down with anti virus/adware/spyware!

      Any app you install on an Android O/S prompts you with a list of permissions/services that the app requires access to. As with most things, its down to the users disgression to install or bin it.

      While the risk at the moment might be low, I am sure others will follow...
    2. dazza786
      I wouldn't have thought it was the first to be honest.. as soon as I saw an app request access to 'chargeable facility' (or whatever section it is), I assumed there'd be an app just like this.

      All of the free apps are covered in ads which if clicked prompt you to install something else... each application requires access to pretty much everything for no reason whatsoever (eg. access to contacts, internet, call history, system settings blah blah for an app which displays a coin flip.. pretty sure it's not needed)

      Far too much invasion of privacy in this day and age.

    3. UKDarkstar
      I'm running the free AV on my Desire !
    4. Beerbaron

      Are these any good? Do they slow the phone in any way?
    5. Mecha
      Wait what...

      AV on a phone?! This is what makes me glad I am on an iPhone sometimes. Open source is brilliant, so in Android in some ways, but security is my biggest concern. It's not all rosey on the Apple side, but they've had less outbreaks in the past

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