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Virgin Media 50Meg price cut boosted customer numbers

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Nov 2, 2009.

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    Virgin Media 50Meg price cut boosted customer numbers

    Virgin Media has completed the roll-out of its 50Mbps product across its cable network, and in its third quarter results is pleased with the numbers of customers signing up to it faster broadband products. The 20Meg and 50Meg products account for some 503,500 customers, which is a 40% increase on twelve months ago, the majority are on the 20Meg service, with just 20,000 subscribing to the fastest 50Meg service. The recent price cut on the XXL service has boosted the numbers signing up to that product and over 40% of those signing up to this service are new to broadband on the Virgin Media network.

    While the low numbers for the 50Meg product look poor compared to the millions of broadband customers Virgin Media has, remember that the 20Mbps service is also sharing this infrastructure, which should help with the paying back of the millions that Virgin Media invested in the DOCSIS 3.0 network. With the current promotion of the 50Meg product which is £18 a month for three months and £28 a month there after (that is assuming you take a Virgin Media phone line), it compares favourably to their big name competition which is BT Total Broadband Option 3 at £18.59 for three months and £24.46 thereafter look expensive and slow. Although the advertising for BT gives a headline of up to 20Mbps speed this is only available in areas where BT has ADSL2+ available via WBC and connection speeds are limited by line length, additionally BT Option 3 is subject to traffic management.

    Full story : HERE
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