UK to have near universal broadband coverage by summer 2005

Discussion in 'News' started by Phil, Apr 28, 2004.

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">UK to have near universal broadband coverage by summer 2005</font>

    BT today announced plans to speed up the delivery of broadband services to rural communities. These plans will make the UK a world leader for broadband availability.

    BT is to systematically rollout ADSL broadband to a further 1,128 exchanges by no later than summer 2005. This will help bring broadband to exchanges serving 99.6 per cent of UK homes and businesses.

    BT Press Release
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    1. mattwest
      Great Artcile thanks Phil.

      Havent got broadband in my area so that would be very nice...!

      The only food for thought is that its BT doing this work, and well, all of my experiences with BT have sucked....

      Maybe they are changing for the good, i hope so! :D
    2. AJ
      BT improving Yeah Right :eek: :wink:
    3. mattwest
      Sorry my bad, one too many beers.....!! :wink: :D
    4. Jakamoko
      At 4:10pm ???? Crikey, that's a bit keen, Matt :alc2

      You lucky dog :P (I'm jealous)

      Regarding the article, all I can envisage is more angry/stupid Users phoning me up to complain about their connections !!! :cry: :cussing
    5. mattwest

      Yeah i didnt think of that.... more moaning.... great!!

      :cry: :D

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