UEFI Formed to Replace BIOS

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    UEFI Formed to Replace BIOS

    Leading technology companies have formed the Unified EFI Forum, Inc., a non-profit Washington corporation.

    The Forum will assume responsibility from Intel for the evolution and promotion of the EFI Specification, which details an interface to hand off control of a system from the pre-boot environment to current and next-generation operating systems. EFI is already supported by a number of 64-bit operating systems and platforms, and is an emerging interface for 32-bit operating systems. The inclusion of UEFI in operating systems and platforms will advance interoperability between platforms and add-in cards and pave the way for improvements in boot performance and robustness. The Forum will review the present EFI 1.10 Specification for any required changes, and intends to publish the first Unified EFI Specification by the end of 2005. The Forum will also make available test suites for the UEFI Specification based on contributions from member companies.

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    1. Phoenix
      this is ofcourse aimed primarily at adding the 'trusted computing' enhancements at the lowest level, so use at your own risk

      OpenFirmware/OpenBoot has been a viable alternative for ages, but it just hasnt been embraced

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