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Twitter: what is in it for IT professionals?

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    Twitter: what is in it for IT professionals?

    Twitter is increasingly helping journalists to pick up and follow stories, but the media is not the only sector to benefit - IT professionals can get just as much out of tweeting.

    1. Techno talk
    2. Get in the know
    3. A useful tool
    4. Get involved
    5. Useful links

    The hype around the social networking tool is reaching new peaks, but Jeffrey Mann, a Gartner analyst who specialists in web collaboration, says a little over-reaction does not mean it is not useful to business.

    He says IT staff can use it in much the same way as other business professionals - boosting their own public profile, keeping up with recent developments in the sector, and taking part in the day’s debate.

    Read the whole article here.

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    1. Arroryn
      Twitter means I get to legitimately quasi-stalk Stephen Fry :wink:
    2. Phoenix
      TweetDeck is my client of choice
      with it I have all the conversations streamed into their own columns

      Replies | Direct Messages | Boise Group | UK Group | TFTTF Group | Search VMWare | Search Hyper-V | Search Xen | Search EMC | Search Netapp
    3. The_Geek
      Just be careful when it comes to "social networking". A co-worker of mine got in hot water from attending a network luncheon looking for another job, and our IT manager was there. Turns out the IT manager is part of the network luncheon committee and my co-worker had to explain why she was there. She lied, of course, but I don't think the IT manager bought it.
    4. GrumbleDook
      I use it as part of an open discussion forum and it gives me a chance to extend those who I would normally discuss things with. Admittedly I am mainly using it for education discussions nowadays (reflecting my changing role) but it has been handy to put people in touch with one another ... recently introducing Mitz to a friend :-)

      I am already used to using multiple arenas to pose questions or, more usually, to repost a question from one group to a different one (eg a Mac support mailing list to a music tech forum) so having overlapping contacts such as you have in twitter just seems so natural.

      @grumbledook if people are interested.
    5. itskillsguy
      Comptia have just started a twitter account from the UK if anyone is interested.

    6. LordMoolyBap
      I use twitter to check out good links for tutorials, blogs and things like that. It works out pretty good. I use Tweetdeck that seems to work pretty well. One thing I hate is companies trying to use it as a promotional tool. It just doesn't work, it's supposed to be a person to person thing. If you are going to hear from a company it has to have some meat in it (like real useful information) not just souless empty promotion crap.

      I messaged Stephen Fry once last year and he replied which pleased me greatly! Can't say why but it did! My tweets tend to have a mixture of useful links and foolish dross.

      Dom 8)
    7. m3lt
      And people still wonder why social engineering is growing.

      All you need these days is an email account with a weak backup answer...

      Whats your favorite pet name ?
      Search on <insertsocialnetwork>!

      Whats your favorite movie ?
      Search on <insertsocialnetwork>!

      Favorite football club ?
      Search on <insertsocialnetwork>!

      And the list goes on and on...
    8. itskillsguy
      I totally disagree with you and think that you are soooo wrong. Companies use it to their advantage all the time. It does work and it is proven too. Just type in Business and Twitter in a google search and see some of the success stories that come up.

      You may not happen to like the posts, but why for instance, does the Dell Outlet have 669,402 followers?
    9. LordMoolyBap
      yeah you're right that some people may make it work. But I haven't seen or heard of many realy success stories. Almost all the news about it is media hype.
    10. twizzle
      Twitter?? never heard of it. You'd never find me wasting my time on there idaly chatting to people all over the worls, following celebs like Stephen Fry, semi celebes like Jason Bradbury and Suze Perry (gadget show presenters!) Authors such as Kevin J Anderson and getting tips for wordpress. photoshop, web desgin etc. Nope never would use or, cant say i ever heard of it........

      Oops!! :oops:
    11. cpickering
      When I was waiting for the iPhone 3 OS update, I was Tweeting with about 200 people from all over the world, because I was using the http://search.twitter.com website with OS 3.0 as my search terms.. I love Twitter, its amazing..

      On the iPhone, I use Twitterrific, same on my mac.. On my PC I use Twhirl

      @line3 is me :D
    12. dales

      errr yes @******twizz

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