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Trying To Climb The Tall Certification Ladder? Here's Help

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. tripwire45
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    Trying To Climb The Tall Certification Ladder? Here's Help

    Normally, for exam cramming you think "Transcender". But there is another name just as good: CramMaster. They actually won the WindowsITPro Readers Choice Award and are excellent Exam Prep training. We were able to negotiate a special deal for all WServerNews subscribers: You can get $50 off every exam you buy, really an excellent discount. And here are the steps to get it: Step 1) Scroll down this page to the CramMaster section and note which exams you want at your WServerNews special discount:

    Step 2: Email Doug Burke: doug AT examforce DOT com and tell him "Stu sent me" and which exams you want! He will get back to you.

    I thought I'd pass this along. Don't know how this works in the UK, though.

    The original blurb is at WServerNews.com but you'll have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find it.
    Certifications: A+ and Network+


      Thanks for the Link Trip:thumbleft

      Interesting read, but their prices are a bit high.

      Has anyone actually used this software?

      They state full refund if you fail the test:blink

      There are so many alternatives out there such as

      VPN for A+:biggrin
    2. oggler
      I have. I used them for CompTia Security + and found them to be absolutely spot on. Their explanations are great and study material is good. The answers have a link to the chapters of the book which can be downloaded from the software itself so not only you get the exam preparation material, you also get the book to go with it (in separate chapter form).

      I also used them for 70-290 and 70-291. Again excellent and they come with proper simulation scenarios that do well to make the subject more undestandable and give you a real situation feel if you are not working in that environment or do not have the experience.

      Anyway, you can haggle with them. At least they were open to haggling with me and bearing in mind the exchange rate for UK£ to colonial backwater paper money 8) , it should work out quite reasonable.

      I was disappointed that they did not have ISA 2004 (70-350), but I use it at work anyway, so that was not much of a problem.
    3. laup
      they tend to have exact same questions that are in the pool for the exam
    4. simongrahamuk
      What do you mean laup? Are you saying that they're Brain Dumps? :blink
    5. Bluerinse
      Erm, well it sounds like it too me Simon :eek:
    6. Sparky
      Can you back this claim up? :dry
    7. laup
      yes i had 2 exact same questions from crammaster in one of my exams.
      which i was quite suprised by. not sayin which though as u. it wasnt my intention. but there ya go.. :s
    8. Bluerinse
      Yes well two out of how many??? It's extremely hard to write an original question. Even Transenders get very close for a couple but what would you ecxpect. These are not braindumps, they are legit.
    9. laup
      Was just pointing out that had 2 questions the same thats all wasnt implying they braindumps, only thing i consider braindumps are testking.

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