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Tresham Opens Prometric Test Centre

Discussion in 'News' started by craigie, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. craigie

    craigie Terabyte Poster


    Tresham Opens Prometric Test Centre

    Tresham Institute has opened the first Prometric test centre in Northamptonshire within the IT Focus Centre at the colleges Church Street, Wellingborough campus.

    The Prometric Test Centre is open on Fridays between 10am- to 4pm and enables people to take hundreds of different types of online exams. All exams are proctored (invigilated) by qualified Test Centre Administrators who are fully trained Tresham staff.

    Prometric is the ‘leading global provider of comprehensive testing and assessment services' which specialises in the delivery of online certification testing for the academic, professional, government, corporate and IT profession.

    The test centre is open to any one wishing to take their online exams regardless of whether they have studied for their qualification at the college.

    Full Story: here
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    1. Qs
      To add, and I quote:-

      Ken Wagner, a user of the Prometric Test Centre at Tresham said:

      "The test centre is very well organised and the administrators are very professional. There has been great anticipation for a test centre to be opened locally rather than people having to travel to other test centres further away from the region."

    2. craigie
      Hehe, wondered who would spot that first!

      Seriously, this is great for Northampton. We have quite a few members from here and having a more local test centre is good.
    3. Qs
      Woo, go Ken :p He should at least requested that CertForums be mentioned by name though, surely?

      And, oh I agree. Just need one near Lichfield now and I'll be golden. I hate having to go to Telford/Walsall for my exams :(

    4. Modey
      I genuinely expected to have an aparment on the moon that I could teleport to before they managed to get the Prometric centre sorted there. :) Glad they sorted it in the end.
    5. wagnerk
      I did mention Certforums, however it didn't make it to press...

    6. Qs
      Sue them. Inaccurate use of your comments. :p
    7. Mr.Cheeks
      They should open at least some more in Birmingham...
      There is only 1 test centre with a room of 3 computers! w*nkers!

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