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Top of the 'geek' pops

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Nov 20, 2007.

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    Top of the 'geek' pops

    We all suspected it and now a survey has confirmed it. 78 per cent of graduates think technology is the 'geekiest' career option, according to research from Just IT.

    150 male and female graduates, who graduated between 2005 and 2007, were asked their opinions about a range of six professions - accountancy, actuarialism, engineering, investment banking, marketing and IT.

    When asked about a career in IT, only 38 per cent said that they thought it would give them a chance to work with people. While 70 per cent rated IT as being just 'quite well paid', engineering, accountancy and banking were seen as being more lucrative and judged 'very well paid'.

    The relatively negative perception of IT led to 56 per cent admitting they have never considered applying for a technology job, making it the second least popular option after actuarialism.

    To read the whole article, see here.

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    1. BosonMichael
      They have no idea. :biggrin Our job is ALL in support of the user... with whom we HAVE to work closely. Lose sight of the user, and we lose focus for the reason our jobs exist.

      They REALLY have no idea, at least, as far as entry-level salaries are concerned! :rolleyes:

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