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The top of Cisco Certificate: CCA(Cisco Certified Architect)

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. wagnerk
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    The top of Cisco Certificate: CCA(Cisco Certified Architect)

    Cisco has released a new certification: CCA, the full name is Cisco Certified Architect, is a more advanced than the CCIE certification. CCA test conditions is very high, the examination fee of U.S. 15,000 to say the least, must have a CCIE or CCDE the title and 10 years relevant industry experience.

    Blog: Here
    Cisco's Page: Here


    Is this Cisco's version of the MCA from Microsoft? Well the title and cost of it would make it appear so...
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    1. wagnerk
      There's an article on this new program here.

    2. UKDarkstar
      One wonders how many people they expect to get these really top-level certs :rolleyes:
    3. wagnerk
      Cisco recently announced the number of Cisco certified individuals worldwide to have broken the 1,000,000 mark and there's 20,003 CCIE's. That plus the cost of the program (and comparing it to MS), I would say they are expecting anywhere from 1% to 5% of CCIE's to gain CCA status within the next few years (approx 1-3 years).

      But that's just my guess-tamate :)


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