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The Road Less Traveled: How to Become an IT Security Professional

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Oct 17, 2006.

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    The Road Less Traveled: How to Become an IT Security Professional

    IT security has become the “next big thing” in the job market — more IT professionals, regardless of background and experience, have been rushing to get into this field. Many people want the coolness and prestige that comes with being “Firewall Guy” or the girl who stops hackers in their tracks with some quick, deft keyboarding in the critical pinch. Unfortunately, many are finding out that the world of network security is not as glamorous as TV and films might portray. Successful IT security people work long, tiring hours, often with no reward other than knowing that if everything is going right, and the network is secure, no one notices. Unsuccessful ones, on the other hand, find that in the event of a security breach, everyone usually notices because of data theft, denial of service attacks, viruses, potential downtime and other unpleasant things.

    Find out how to walk "the road less traveled" Here.
    Certifications: A+ and Network+


    1. zebulebu
      Amen brother!

      I must admit that it has its bad side - the long hours is certainly one I was anticipating though when I started in this field! Having done it for ten months now, i think I can categorically state that a lot of the qualifications the article mentions are not especially relevant for a technical security bod. Quite a few of them (the CISSP especially) are policy-based qualifications - which might be fine for people who are willing to grind away with all that dross (you certainly get well-recompensed for it, especially in the financial sector) but for nerds like me, I'd rather trawl through a load of IDS logs looking for suspect traffic any day of the week!

      I'm still looking at doing the CEH course, but the more I look at it, the more it seems as though the course is an entry-level course, and not really worth anything to me educationally. Sure it'll look nice on my CV, but to be honest, even though its vendor-specific, the JNCIA is the cert I'm most proud of, as it was bloody hard to get. The CEH looks more and more like a course aimed at legitimising script kiddies who know nothing beyond Kismet, NMap and Auditor than it does a 'proper' security course.

      I must add that I love working in Security. I've wanted to do it for the past three years and, unlike every other area of IT I've wanted to do (DBA, Network Admin spring to mind) it hasn't proved to be boring within six months of starting it!

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