The Mouse with the Blue Led and Fan!

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Feb 2, 2004.

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">The Mouse with the Blue Led and Fan!</font>

    Ever had that feeling when you have been on the computer for a while and then all of a sudden your hand gets sweaty? We all have had that feeling one or more times before, and then you had to take your hand off of the mouse?

    Manufacturers are constantly looking for new and unique ways to attract PC users in the growing modding community. Some products are so unique and bizarre that they boggle the mind and only tend to increase your curiosity. One such product is this new Optical Fan Mouse from Xoxide. Yes, that's right, a fan mouse. The purpose of the fan is obviously not to cool down the internal parts, but to cool YOU down.

    News Souce:
    Certifications: MOS Master 2003, CompTIA A+, MCSA:M, MCSE
    WIP: Keeping CF Alive...


    1. Phoenix
      and next up, the Fan mobile phone, to help cool both your hand and your ear when you gf just wont shut up! :)
    2. Jakamoko
      The Fan Toilet Seat - for after that extra-hot Vindaloo on Friday nights ? :eek: :oops:

    3. Phoenix
      that could get a bit messy couldnt it?
    4. Jakamoko
      :lol: @Phoenix - Guess I didn't really think that one thru', did I ? :oops:

      Ah well, it's a mistake you'd make once only, I guess ... :eek:

    5. SimonV
      Talk about the S**t hitting the fan :badi :thumbdwn
    6. Jakamoko
      Yeah, OK, OK - so it's an inherent design fault :oops: You think the Wright Brothers got their first efforts off the ground ???????? :fol

      :oops: :D
    7. tripwire45
      I know they mounted the propeller on the plane the first time around and didn't try it out on a toilet first. :eek: :wink:
    8. Jakamoko
      Hmmph !!! :noway Clearly where they went wrong then :!:

    9. AJ
      Ah, that will be economy class then.
    10. Jakamoko
      ...and you thought Deep Vein Thrombosis was bad ???

    11. AJ
      Now that does bring tears to your eyes :eek:
    12. Jakamoko
      All this from a wee cold mouse with a blue light on it ? Jeez, we get desperate at times ........... :roll:

      Now, I've got this idea for an air-conditioned ashtray ..... :idea: :?:

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