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The MCSE is dead.. Long Live the MCSE!

Discussion in 'News' started by Phoenix, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Phoenix
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    The MCSE is dead.. Long Live the MCSE!

    5 years ago, Microsoft shocked the world by not releasing an MCSE certification for the new Windows Server 2008 product line, recently they have announced that it's back! but in a rather different form..

    In the drive to highlight the specialized skills required by complicated private cloud systems, Microsoft have released a new Solutions tier of certs
    these certs marry up with the more traditional tracks of MCTS, MCITP and MCM but focus specifically on cloud infrastructure and advanced services

    the new certs are listed as follows

    Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
    Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
    Microsoft Certified Solutions Master (MCSM)

    I would suggest anyone keen to 'get back on the MCSE' bandwagon take its specialized positioning into account, and having equivalent level MCITP certs would most certainly benefit you, there are also specific MCS* certs alligned with the components of the private cloud such as SQL and Windows

    MS have produced a nice infographic with some typical industry numbers in it, although they are not unique to MS cloud offerings specifically, worth noting ;)
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    1. Phoenix
      Thanks for getting us the new graphic Si :) :thumbleft
    2. wagnerk
      D'oh you beat me to it, was just going to post this :(

      Oh well, I'm tempted by the new MCSA - downside is that these new certs have to be renewed every 2-3 years :(

    3. SimonV
      No worries mate, I spotted the logo so thought it might better suit. Uploaded to news logos directory along with the new MCSA. I couldnt see the MCSM one though!
    4. JonnyMX
      I've been reading about this.

      I'm a bit surprised that MS are reusing the same acronyms, surely a recipe for confusion...
      They've also sneakily introduced the three year recertification rule we'll see how that goes down.

      Overall a positive change, I think it looks like a decent modernisation.
    5. SimonD
      OK, so according to this those of us with MCITP-SA should now also be MCSA Windows 2008 then. Time to go check :)
    6. Boffy
      ohhh, thanks for the news!
    7. j1mgg
      Does this mean i can no longer sit the exams that would of got me the old MCSA?

      290 and 291?
    8. Theprof
      You should still be able to sit those exams and the other exams that make up the MCSE 2003... I haven't heard any retirement dates.
    9. Makaveli
      The following is from the Microsoft website:

      Q. What is the difference between the new Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certifications and the previous Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator certifications?

      A. The new Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) credential focuses on the ability to design and build technology solutions. The previous Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator certification focused on a specific job role and can no longer be earned.
    10. Gav
      I'm really not a fan of this idea, perhaps because I think MCTS/MCITP is a far superior system to the one it replaced.

      According to this page, Certification Overview, the MCSA is equivalent to an MCTS?

      This makes no sense as the MCSA is (as far as I can see) identical to MCITP: Server Administrator?
    11. Theprof
      So they retired the 290, 291, etc exams? last I checked these were still active...
    12. Phoenix
      even if they have not removed 290 and 291 as exams, the fact they no longer make the MCSA (administrator) available is hardly surprising, that cert with those exams is almost 10 years old, this is IT, 10 years is 10 years, and if you cant cross train those skills toward an 08 or equivalent skill then you probably have bigger hurdles in IT coming your way :)

      Also they have not stated is is the same as an MCTS, they have positioned it at the bottom tier of the solution certification track, solutions by definition are more complex than point products or single job function certs, so this again, does not raise any red flags to me

      i'm still more perplexed at why they used a rather famous acronym for something different, it will lead to masses of confusion, there was enough when they retired the MCSE, and that had a clear transition path, go figure :)
    13. Theprof
      I got all kinds of hurdles coming my way... not IT hurdles though ;) it was never the case. :twisted:

      I agree though, the MCSA on 2003 has been around for a long time and sooner or later we have to upgrade.
    14. JK2447
      I am starting to think Microsoft do not like recruitment companies, because they couldn't make their life harder with the naming of their certs. MCITP for instance, you can be desktop support or an enterprise designer depending on the letters after MCITP, but when you're using a keyword search to narrow down the 3000 applications you had for a job, that's not going to help much. Now I can be a systems engineer or a solutions expert for having MCSE on my CV.

      Bravo on the 3 year deal however, it's kept Cisco's certs more valuable than MS's since they both started IMHO.

      **Edit: 3 Questions fellow cert chasers. Recertify every 3 years...... in what exactly? Can I still do the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer to avoid any confusion!) upgrade exams, 70-647 and 70-649? Admittedly I only have myself and possibly the addictiveness of all things VMware to blame for not doing them sooner but if I can sit them, what cert will I get :S This is all too confusing for a simple nerd such as I :(
      Last edited: Apr 12, 2012
    15. dmarsh
      Agree with you JK, MCTS / MCITP makes zero sense to people outside certification land, the acronym means nothing to them without significant further explanation.

      The ability to get these certs in multiple domains just confuses recruiters, it could be SQL Development, Windows Server Admin, Desktop Support, etc.

      Then add on the fact that in reality people are just expected to pick things up and run with it in IT.

      I now have multiple MS certifications in multiple subjects, tracks and domains, spanning from support, development and databases. The idea of cert maintenance, even on a 2-3 year timetable is already impossible for me, and many cert tracks have been changing almost yearly.
      Last edited: Apr 22, 2012
    16. GSteer
      Well, that blows my idea of finishing 70-291 and then upgrading the MCSA via the upgrade path. Looks like I'll just have to sit the 08 variants now instead eh.

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