The Fridge: Cool News for Ubuntu

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    The Fridge: Cool News for Ubuntu

    Conceived at UbuntuDownUnder, The Fridge is an information hub for the Ubuntu community, bringing together news, grassroots marketing, advocacy, team collaboration, and great original content. Just like the family fridge at home, this is where we - the Ubuntu family - can put our best work on display for everyone to see… along with the requisite jokes, reminders, invitations, news clippings, photos and everything else! We’re starting out small, but have some good plans for filling the shelves. Read on to find out about upcoming features, and where to send your suggestions. So when you’ve got something cool and fresh that you’re just itching to tell the Ubuntu community, you know what to do… Stick it on The Fridge!

    To stay cool in the Fridge, click Here.
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    1. Boycie
      came across it the other day. I love anything Ubuntu related :biggrin

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