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The fine line Between Security and Usability

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Nov 20, 2007.

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    The fine line Between Security and Usability

    The author of this article says: "Update: It seems that there is more than the normal amount of criticism being generated from the following article. If you find yourself in that position after reading it, why not read this followup, which explains many of the points that readers seem to be finding objectionable".

    Finding the right balance between security and usability is difficult for any software developer. Recently a set of issues were disclosed where it was apparent that Microsoft had worsened the security situation for their users based on the software provided with Windows, or based on their response to reported problems.

    The complete article is found at beskerming.com (originally found at Slashdot).
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    1. ffreeloader
      I really don't understand the defense of MS in this case. There are probably millions of small businesses that use .mdb files very regularly, and having to upgrade to another OS, another DB system, is going to be a major pain for them. For some it's going to be something they literally won't be able to afford to do when considering the extra expense of learning/retraining.

      Not fixing these vulnerabilities that affect such a large number of its customers is MS's way of forcing its customers to upgrade. Rather than leaving the upgrade decision up to the customer, whose decision it rightly is, MS will leave them vulnerable to all kinds of malware in hopes they will spend more money.

      Oh, I know lots of people will say that's MS's "right", but MS also has a moral responsibility to its customers too. Its customers have made it fantastically wealthy. MS owes its customers more respect than it is giving them due to that very fact....

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