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Tesco sell computers with Ubuntu pre-installed - Linux on the up?

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. tripwire45
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    Tesco sell computers with Ubuntu pre-installed - Linux on the up?

    Tesco, the UK's biggest retailer, has started selling entry level PCs with Ubuntu pre-installed. Could this brave move give Linux based operating systems a much needed boost in the UK? Tesco is the world's third largest grocery retailer, and also sells everything from clothes to electrical equipment. In their latest Tesco Direct online catalogue they have a selection of personal computers on offer. The top range of course offers the ubiquitous Windows Vista as the inbuilt operating system. The mid range towers on offer still have Windows XP built in. It's actually the two lowest priced machines on offer which have Ubuntu pre-installed.

    Story found at tech.blorge.com.
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    1. Mr.Cheeks
      as they say "every little helps"
    2. ffreeloader
      Ooops. I first read that as ....offers the ubiquitous Windows Vista as the inbred operating system.... :biggrin

      My first thought was: No wonder Vista is brain dead. It's been inbred too many times.... :twisted:
    3. simongrahamuk
      Hmm, I couldn't see any reference to these when I took a look around the Tesco Direct site?
    4. ffreeloader
      Try their built-in search function, Simon. I did a search for Ubuntu and got nothing back, but did a search for Linux and it returned two computers.
    5. simongrahamuk
      D'oh! :oops:

      I searched Laptops and not PC's. It's early here. :oops:
    6. wagnerk
      So does/will Tesco's have a helpline for the people who buy these computers with linux on them? Cause the majority of people (un-informed users) will buy the PC from Tesco's and then buy software from Tesco's as they're do offer cheap software but won't be able to install it.

      A simple sample call:

      User: I'm having problems with the PC I bought from you
      Tech: What seems to be the problem?
      User: Well I bought xyz from your store yesterday and it won't load.
      Tech: That program is for Windows and not Linux
      User: But it's PC compatible!

      While I'm not against Linux, I believe that the lower price may influence purchases for first time users/buyers that don't know much, lets face it, not everyone knows how to use a PC indepthly, most "users" I know use the PC as a typewriter.

    7. Modey
      Tesco customer: I bought a PC from you last week, I also bought some games as well that say PC CDROM on them. None of them work, I want my money back please.

      Tesco CS: Sorry, you bought games for Windows, they don't work with your PC.

      Tesco customer: Ok, what can I buy from you that will work with it.

      Tesco CS: ...

      Tesco customer: I want my money back!

      Rinse and repeat many thousands of times.

      Tesco today annouced they will stop selling PC's with Ubuntu because it's cost them a fortune in tech support ...

      ( Oh and for the benefit of our non British forum readers, Tesco's are the biggest and most profitable supermarket in the UK by a long shot.)

      Wouldn't suprise me if that's how it went ... :)
    8. wizard
      Lack of caffeine? :twisted:

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