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Techies 'unhealthiest workers'

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. UKDarkstar
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    Techies 'unhealthiest workers'

    IT workers are the unhealthiest in the UK, according to a recent survey.

    Less than one in five people employed in the tech sector said that they met government targets of doing at least five 30-minute exercise sessions a week, according to the study by weight loss agency Fat Free Fitness.

    This was coupled with most IT workers admitting having a poor diet. Only 14 per cent say that they ate at least five daily portions of fruit and vegetables and most admitting to drinking more than ten cups of coffee a day.

    Rich Leigh, a personal trainer and founder of Fat Free Fitness, said that the government should be doing more to encourage employers and workers to be more active.

    Full story : HERE

    Thanks to Josiahb for spotting this one
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    1. Arroryn
      I don't know many sushi bars open at 2am when people are finally off the system and you can do your essential upgrades.

      Gyms tend not to stay open that late either. Which is incredibly inconsiderate of them towards our sector.

      Perhaps there's a niche there.... :hhhmmm
    2. nugget
      Then you'd have all the IT workers rebooting, reinstalling and upgrading the equipment controllers all the time.:twisted:
    3. dazza786
    4. zebulebu
      Nice, unbiased study there then.
    5. Josiahb
      I was going to come up with some kind of robust argument as to why this study was obviously a load of old ****e but unfortunately I found the article while eating a chocolate muffin and drinking cup of tea number 5... :oops:
    6. BosonMichael
      This is exactly why I don't work out as much as I ought to; my rec center isn't open late enough.
    7. JK2447
      I've definitely put weight on but that could just be because I've got older. Back in the gym now tho, COME ON! :D Need to look good for the Christmas Party ha ha :biggrin
    8. Alex399
      Well made point, who would have thought a Personal Trainer would have said something along those lines eh... :rolleyes:

      I go to the gym atleast 3 - 4 times a week alot doing of weightlifting and not enough CV and only just recentley got into the swing of CV :biggrin so I wouldn't be in that bracket of unhealthy IT workers... wait!!! I don't work in the IT Industry yet... :cry:

      I will be soon enough though!! :D I would say I'm in the region of 5 fruit and a veg a day perhaps more like 3 or 4.
      I need to cut down on the Tea aswell! but saying that 10 cups of tea/coffee a day is a ridiculous amount to have, as I have about 4 cups a day and I think even that is too many cups of tea :eek:.

      Caffeine increases your metabolism and also gives you that fuller feeling when your not actually full :biggrin
      So in theory you should get skinny from having too many cups of tea but make that a habit for too long then you would begin to look a bit too skinny to the point where your all skin and bone perhaps :p
      Last edited: Nov 17, 2009
    9. JK2447
      Just bin the sugar or use sweetner mate, much better for your waist line :biggrin I'm the same as you, go to a meat head gym where's there's only two cross trainers and everything else is just weights :D
    10. JonnyMX
      Yeah, thanks mate!


    11. greenbrucelee
      I don't think it's true that people employed in IT are unhealthy. I think the majority of us IT geeks are unhealthy because it goes with the territory.

      Whilst some people are outside playing football or something we are inside kicking some chinese kids butt in counter strike whilst eating donuts :D it's the law :D
    12. Trogdor
      So, is it the industry and the often unsocial hours we have to work - or is it that the people who live these "unhealthy" lifestyles (watching too much telly, gaming, eating rubbish, etc...) are drawn to working in IT because of the amount of time spent on computers when others are out running marathons or whatever?

      Hmmmm, food for thought. Speaking of food, my meat feast pizza just arrived...
    13. Sparky
      Personal Trainers, ‘can’t get their wireless networks setup’

      Much better:biggrin
      Last edited: Nov 17, 2009
    14. greenbrucelee
      yes because most people who work in IT started their career at a young age, they just didn't know it at the time. These are the people who on sunny days instead of playing footy were playing Target renegade or sonic the hedgehog whilst eating jaffa cakes and eventually came to the realisation that they would like to work with these things called computers and wanted to know more about them or was that just me :D
    15. BosonMichael
      Yep. If they would just spend more time studying technical documentation and practicing with network configuration and less time working out, they'd be much better able to handle these things for themselves.

      Point, Sparky. Reppage.
    16. MLP
      Nice. It smacks a little of 'high school jock upset that class geek earns more than him' :)
    17. JK2447
      Saying something smacks of something takes me back to my A Level English days . . . . ahhh
    18. skulkerboyo
      De Cloaking - (Been busy with a Notes client rollout and subsequent training seminars etc)

      In a dept of 30 we only got 2 fat cliched I.T. guys. Thats not to say the skinny guys arent in bad shape though


      Sure the stereotype isnt without merit and some of us really should get out more but really the unhealthy guys are probably developers or gamers in their spare time or have some seriously bad lifestyle habits.

      Never got into I.T. through gaming and don't work insane hours anymore. So aside from study that leaves me the weekend and 5 evenings to do something healthy. Even if its the minimum

      Mind you even when I was working a mix of nights and days (85 hrs a week) while studying in my previous life I still managed to train for races and lift weight. Guess the first step is recognising that your lifestyle, which may result from your job, is killing you early

      I am crap at the 5 portions though. If my partner wasn't such a veg fiend I'd probably convince myself that the cloudy cider counts
    19. Phoenix
      The 'government' needs to do more to encourage this?
      wow, what is it with Brits these days? have they packed up all their free will and shipped it off to Brown for redistribution?

      Britain needs a lot of things, increased government intervention is not one of them
      perhaps an elected government would be a good start ;)

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