Taiwan-Based Braindumpers Arrested

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Feb 10, 2004.

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">Taiwan-Based Braindumpers Arrested</font>

    The China Post is reporting today that four Taiwanese citizens have been arrested for selling IT certification exams questions through the Internet and for taking exams for other individuals.

    According to the story, the four in custody -- Tung Pei-chang, 41; Hsu Ching-ping, 27; Hsiung Chih-yuan, 34; and "a man surnamed" Chang, 34 -- were arrested yesterday in various locations throughout Taiwan. Charges are fraud and copyright law.

    The China Post article said that the groups sold the questions through the Web sites Test4U.net, TaipeiITtest.net and OPASScertification.net since 2001. According to the report, the sites boasted that the questions they sold were taken directly from Pearson Vue and Prometric test centers in various countries worldwide. The sites are currently offline.

    News Source: certcities.com
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    1. dreec
      OK here's one for you.

      I totally, 100%, agree with the arrest of these people.

      But why dreec you belive in total freedom, information is power etc. How can you agree with the arrest of someone who is posting information on the 'net for all to see I here you shout.

      Well my reply would be simple. Exams are the test of information, exams are different. This is to SHOW you UNDERSTAND the information. And as such questions SHOULD NOT be freely available.

      I feel the information required, to pass the exams should be freely available and in many cases it is. (knowing where to look is the problem)

      So maybe I don't belive in total and complete freedom.
      Damn my life is complicated :wink:
    2. wizard
      That's the first time I've heard this referred to as "braindumping", I take it this is an american term?
    3. Jakamoko
      On the contrary, dreec - I feel you have reinforced your own stance.

      Those, like us, who have put in the effort and time to gain our Certs in the correct manner have the freedom to say we earned and deserve those certs.

      Those arrested (or otherwise) who defraud the accepted certification route are rightly being denied the chance to do the same, because they have not done the same.

      What I'm trying to say is we are able (and free) to stand up and say I am xxx/yyy/zzz-Qualified, with dignity. We are not liars or cheats, we are honest people.
    4. Phil
      No arguments here, they deserve everything they get.

      The braindumpers don't do themselves any favours anyway, they'll soon get found out for what they are at the first technical interview. When I was interviewed for my last job I was the only candidate, who were all supposedly MCSE 2000's, who could answer the question "What do you run to promote a member server to a domain controller"

      @rwaforums Don't know if it's an American term or not but it has become the common term for anybody who cheats their way through the exams.
    5. AJ
      What you lot said.

      I work very hard to get my certs. I orginally was trained in catering so computers were not second nature to me.

      These guys and the people who employed them to stand in their place deserve all coming to them
    6. flex22
    7. dreec
      For the record,

      I would still defend their right to put the information on-line. No matter how much I disagree.

      Maybe I do belive in total and complete freedom

      Damn my life is complicated

      Phil - I once interviewed someone for a job, part of the interview was a presentation on a subject of their choice. This guy decided to do DHCP.
      After the presentation the first question I asked was "What is the first message sent from the client to the DHCP Server?"

      The reply;
      "No messages are sent from the client to the DHCP Server, that's the job of the administrator"

      I continued with the interview purely for the fun I was going to have, and made up questions which were complete and total garbage. One such was

      "How do you combat the slow down in organic interface performance during regular intervals throughout the day caused by the effect of DualHO memory leaks?"

      I leave the answers for you guys to play around with for a while. I am sure you will have fun

      Sorry if off-topic slightly!!
    8. Phil
      :lol: ROTFLMAO dreec, you're evil :twisted: I love it
    9. dreec

      Why..thank you kind sir...! (said in south carolina drawl)
    10. flex22
      I can't keep up.

      DORA DORA DORA, oh my darling DORA, how could I ever forget you, your name is so sweet, ohhhhhhh DOOOORAAAA :!:

      Why why whyyyyy DORA
      Why why whyyyyyyyyyyyyy DORA
      sooooo beforeeee you request an IP from mee
      make sure you know what DORA standsss forrrrrrrrrrrrrr
      (all together now)
      Why why why DORA
      Why why why DORAAAAAA
      don't request that IP address from me
      I just cannot acknowledge you anymoreeeeeeeee

      Ok, I was thinking on me feet :tongue
    11. dreec
      Flex - Go to BED my friend.
      Get a good nights sleep, looks like you need it!!

      :lol: :lol:
    12. wizard
      I don't see what you gain with cheating, you are soon going to get found out when you asked to implement the "knowledge" you are supposed to have learnt from the exams.

      I feel sorry for all the people out there who've gone out there and worked extremely hard to get their certs and you get one or two bad apples out there, who've blagged a cert and then tarnish the reputation of the legitimate holders by doing piss poor jobs.

      I have not had experience of this myself, but you see stories written all over the place.
    13. Jakamoko
      @FLex - How quaint to hear that old tune again- thought it played out it's last after they ended rationing after the war.

      Dear Dora, as you rightly say ............

      &lt;cue Dreec "Gav, it's time to get some sleep !!! &gt; And how right that would be...zzzzzz


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