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Symantec: Stop using pcAnywhere, right now

Discussion in 'News' started by dales, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. dales

    dales Terabyte Poster


    Symantec: Stop using pcAnywhere, right now

    Symantec has admitted that blueprints for current versions of its pcAnywhere software were stolen in 2006 and that all users are at risk of attack and should pull the plug.

    That includes users of both current and past iterations as well as those bundled with Altiris and the pcAnywhere Thin Host packaged with backup and security products.

    Full Story here
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    1. dales
      This story broke ironically on the same day symantec gave me a copy of 360 at the lonvmug, wasn't going to install it anyway but the symantec chappie looked extra sweaty on that day!
    2. joeyslow
      Meh, good for me that I don't use that pcanywhere thing or anything else from Symantec.

      Think they actually released a patch for that pcanywhere security breach and it's supposedly safe to use now, though if I were using that software I'd definitely move on to finding some safer remote access programs.

      Btw, I came across some news on some not yet released audials anywhere program, or at least that's what I think it was called, for accessing files anywhere or something like that.

      Don't suppose you know if it's in any way related to pcanywhere, by any chance? Wanna keep as far away as possible from symantec stuff...
    3. joeyslow
      Hello hello, don't bother with my previous question on audials anywhere and pc anywhere guys, seems I managed to find out more details in it and they're not related.

      It's actually a new personal media cloud, indeed for accessing files anywhere and on top of that it's also got built in filesharing features. From what I've read about this audials anywhere app, it'll let you send invitations to friends to access, browse and even save files from your media collection.

      Sounds pretty cool and I bet it'll be pretty safe to use...

      Idk though what else it does,suppose that's to find out when that audials anywhere app is launched...

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