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Starting a Career in Cyber Security

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. tripwire45
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    Starting a Career in Cyber Security

    With increasing threats of data theft, viruses and browser attacks, businesses today have made cyber security a crucial part of their IT operations. CompTIA's annual security study, Information Security: A CompTIA Analysis of IT Security and the Workforce, reported that corporate spending on computer security and training has increased, and more companies are implementing IT security policies. HotJobs.com recently named cyber security, and the specialty of steganography, in their list of lucrative careers in new fields. Cyber, or computer security, encompasses several different job roles and responsibilities. It is not limited to familiar titles such as IT Security Analyst or Administrator, but also includes steganography and cryptography.

    Complete story at CompTIA.org.
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    1. onoski
      Excellent as it is truly about time companies start taking cyber crime seriously. Well the biggest threat still comes from within the company's own IT infrastructure and the way basic security issues are implemented such as logging on to a computer networked domain and whether password policy is in place etc.

      I know the above mentioned is just a tip of the iceberg but belief me I have work at places were you can enter your password wrongly as much as you can and still not get the locked out account.
    2. smith2762
      I would like to know which certificates I need to enter the Information Securites field? Mostly I was interested in Cyber Security.

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