Start-up touts keyboard made of light

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Jul 30, 2003.

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    Start-up touts keyboard made of light

    A Californian company will next year release chipsets that beam a working keyboard onto a flat surface

    A California-based start-up has joined other companies in embracing the concept of a portable computer keyboard made of light.

    Canesta will release chipsets next year that will beam a fully functional keyboard onto a flat surface, Carlo Tomasi, the company's chief technical officer, said on Tuesday at the Siggraph 2003 conference here. Siggraph bills itself as "the world's largest marketplace of computer graphics and interactive techniques."

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    1. flex22
      Wow, it's amazing when you hear of these new inventions.

      The thing that hacks me off when I hear all the latest stuff going on in the technology world is that you have to be Bill Gates to afford any of it.I suppose the people who invent this stuff deserve their dues but when will the very latest technology ever be affordable, for all.

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