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Say goodbye to the computer mouse

Discussion in 'News' started by Mitzs, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Mitzs
    Honorary Member

    Mitzs Ducktape Goddess


    Say goodbye to the computer mouse

    It's nearly 40 years old but one leading research company says the days of the computer mouse are numbered.

    A Gartner analyst predicts the demise of the computer mouse in the next three to five years. Taking over will be so called gestural computer mechanisms like touch screens and facial recognition devices.


    I really don't care how old it is. Touch my mouse and face the wrath of the Ducktape Goddess. :dry
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    1. GiddyG
      Hee hee... you like the BBC tech pages too!!!! :biggrin

      And I would never touch your mouse... I've seen the photos of what you did to BM... :blink
    2. Mitzs
      I love BBC. They have stories that CNN doesn't have alot times.

      As for Mike, well I have some ducktape that was made with tlc just for him. He must be able to keep creating his pratice exams yet still know I was there. :biggrin
    3. GiddyG
      I just wish their local news was as good as the national and international stuff... it's pretty poor for the UK regions. :dry

      You mean it has a soothing anti-rash cream for after you've ripped it off and half of his hair with it? :twisted:

      Edit: That's if BM actually has any hair...
    4. BosonMichael
      Better not tape me up... you might need me to help keep them away from our mouses.

    5. GiddyG
      Quick... Mitzs! I've got him... tie him down and strap him up... :eyecrazy He's obviously overworked, or is he underworked and just plain crazy? :blink
    6. Crito
      I think they're right. They missed the boat as far as technologies that will replace it though. Closest they came was claiming, "You even have emotive systems where you can wear a headset and control a computer by simply thinking and that's a device set to hit the market in September."

      For those of you who don't want to wait until September, there's OCZ's NIA:

    7. Mitzs
      Hehe, since it is his anniversy I think I'll leave that for his wife tonight. I sent her a case lastweek.:twisted:
    8. Mitzs

      Yeah, I really just don't want a computer that can read my mind sitting on my head. I can just see it now, working away in photoshop till I can't get something figure out and start getting mad and then the next thing I know my head is smokeing and something is shocking the hell out of me. :blink Really! Lets just not go there ok!!!!:eyecrazy
    9. GiddyG
      You're nasty!! Heh heh... :twisted: Kudos.
    10. GiddyG
      Personally, I don't think mice will disappear... mice are 'cheap as chips' to coin a phrase. They aren;t going anywhere anytime soon.

      I like the links btw Crito... thanks. That sort of thing looks real cool for gaming, or for flying an F22; however, for me surfing the Net, I'd sooner use the trusty old point n click.
    11. Mitzs
      I agree Giddy specailly for the older generation that just want to check emails and go to family blogs to see the latest family pictures.
    12. tripwire45
      The articles does say that the mouse will not actually become extinct, but for some tasks, other technologies would work much better.

      I've joined one of the GIMP Forums and have spent a bit of time talking with the members there. It's occurred to me that using a mouse to create art isn't necessarily the best tool for the job. It will be interesting to see what comes up next.
    13. Mitzs
      I belive most gimp users are waiting for a wacom tablet that will work with gimp trip. I have one a small one granted but what little time I have used it I love it. Alot more control then the mouse when working with graphics. And the ability to draw free hand in illy is really pretty neat. I wish I could draw!
    14. Finkenstein
      I don't use my mouse... I stick to alt, tab, space, and arrows. Seems to do the trick.

      (sarcasm off)
    15. Jimbooo
      Thas rubbish! We've had them for ages and we still will! It's like tradition and modernization. There will always be tradition somewhere, as we will always have the mouse. True there are new technologies like touch screen etc coming out, but we'll simply have the mouse and the touch screen if you ask me, because the mouse is so much easier to use. Or maybe that's just because of the learning curve required...


      Are you telling me that the moldable mouse that I am looking forward to isn't going to last that long??
      Check out details here.
    16. Finkenstein
      Now that is cool, but I can see everyone here at work making "controversial" images all in the name of ergonomics.

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