Sasser creator avoids jail term

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Jul 10, 2005.

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    Sasser creator avoids jail term

    A German youth has been given a 21-month suspended sentence after being convicted of creating the Sasser worm which crippled computers worldwide. Sven Jaschan was found guilty of computer sabotage and illegally altering data, said a court official. He evaded a jail term as he was tried as a minor since he was 17 years old when he wrote the worm.

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    1. The_Geek
      Read between the lines. A top software company paid off the court system so that he'll have a job. :D
    2. damienj3
      makes you think of the film hackers. lol :twisted:
    3. mrobinson52
      This kid got off because of a legal technicallity that listed him as a minor. He shows no remorse for the damage he has done, and is still proud of his virus. And now, he will suffer no consequences for his acts either. This is a very bad signal to send to all future virus writers.

      A few hundred years ago, someone this guy's age would have been considered an adult at about 14 or 15 and would have been expected to have a job or apprencticeship, and even to have been married. Our being lenient on those classified as "children" just means that those who know that they are doing wrong also know they can get away with it. :x
    4. AJ
      You said it Mary, too true
    5. Sandy
      I strongly suspect that he has no understanding of the damage that the virus did.
    6. Phoenix
      I strongly suspect he knows exactly how lax the majority of administrators are in not patching systems and feels its just as much thier fault

      damn right he is two

      virus outbreaks are the result of two sides making mistakes
      only one is ever classified a criminal, the others dont even usually lose thier job

      i have little time for virus writers, but i dont like seeing them bear the sole blame for an outbreak that could of been prevented by administrators and management

      granted the time frame wasnt as large a window as it was for slammer (4 weeks rather than 6 months) but it was still time for most the companys to patch, I hope everybodys taken a new stance on patch management since the 2003-2004 outbreak season :)

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