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San Francisco's Mayor Gets Back Keys to the Network

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Jul 23, 2008.

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    San Francisco's Mayor Gets Back Keys to the Network

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom met with jailed IT administrator Terry Childs Monday, convincing him to hand over the administrative passwords to the city's multimillion dollar wide area network. Childs made headlines last week when he was arrested and charged with four counts of computer tampering, after he refused to give over passwords to the Cisco Systems switches and routers used on the city's FiberWAN network, which carries about 60 percent of the municipal government's network traffic. Childs, who managed the network before his arrest, has been locked up in the county jail since July 13. On Monday afternoon, he handed the passwords over to Mayor Newsom, who was "the only person he felt he could trust," according to a declaration filed in court by his attorney, Erin Crane. Newsom is ultimately responsible for the Department of Telecommunications and Information Services (DTIS) where Childs worked for the past five years.

    Full story at news.yahoo.com.
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    1. deadzebra
    2. dmarsh
      Sounds like the management should be taking the rap for poor management and policies, poor Terry should be free to do a hand over and find another job...

      God knows how this ever got this far in the first place...
    3. BosonMichael
      Pride and arrogance. Terry didn't think anyone else could manage his "baby". And he was likely right... it sounds like he had a bit of a rigged-up configuration. However, as an employee, we can't make the decisions to withhold passwords to devices we do not own. Give them the passwords; if they screw it all up, they screw it all up. Then they HAVE to come back to you - on your terms - and only then can you say all the "I told you so"s, if that makes you feel better.

      I administered all of the network devices for Tennessee Orthopaedic. Nobody else made changes to those devices. But the IT manager had access to every password, so if I were to ever get hit by a bus, someone would be able to administer them without password recovery and painful downtime.

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