Rootkit creators turn professional

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    Rootkit creators turn professional

    Signalling a trend towards increased 'outsourcing' of some elements of malware creation, security experts are reporting a surge in the level of professionalism and commercialisation in the creation of so-called rootkits. A rootkit is a tool that helps worm authors to slip past malware detection tools. The rootkit is 'wrapped around' the virus, and hides its payload from detection engines. After the rootkit has penetrated a system's defences, the worm can start doing its work. Antivirus vendor F-Secure reported last week that it had detected a new rootkit designed to bypass detection by most of the modern rootkit detection engines.

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    1. Bluerinse
      Interesting, but you should read the comments left by readers in the know, there are only a few at this point. It would appear the definition given is not accurate Trip.
    2. tripwire45
      My bad. :oops:

      On the other hand, these news items *are* supposed to both inform and stimulate conversation. :wink:

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