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Rebooting Your Career Development

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Rebooting Your Career Development

    Go to college. Get a job. It’s that easy, right?

    If things ever were that simple, those days have long since passed. Today, companies expect their employees to possess more than a college degree and a strong will to work — they want their IT pros to be informed about industry trends, confident about their career paths and in command of a wide range of technical and business skills. If you’re afraid you fall short of meeting these requirements, fear not. You’re not alone. According to a recent CareerBuilder.com survey, 46 percent of IT hiring managers say they have difficulty finding qualified workers. These companies are looking beyond degrees and certifications, searching for individuals who can apply the skills they’ve learned to the specific job function for which they’re applying, said Tanya Flynn, CareerBuilder.com career adviser.

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