Prometric to Introduce “More Affordable” IT Certification to Market

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    Prometric to Introduce “More Affordable” IT Certification to Market

    Prometric, a market-leading company in test development and delivery, is set to launch a new, "more affordable" IT certification, Cyber Security Essentials.

    Cyber Security Essentials was developed by Prometric in collaboration with senior IT engineers and subject matter experts who themselves hold IT credentials — such as CISSP, CISA and CEH — and work in Cyber Security, Network Security, Digital Forensics, Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation and Ethical Hacking.

    "Cyber Security Essentials provides business and IT professionals a more affordable certification option, created by experts who are practicing the most current cyber security methods in the field.

    Article here.

    Looking on Prometric's own page, the exam is normally valued at $199.95, however it can be taken for $149.95 with Discount Promo Code: PROCYBER

    Not sure how it compares to the more economically priced exam from Microsoft (MTA: Security Fundamentals).

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    1. dmarsh
      How does this relate to Security+ ?
    2. Kitkatninja
      According to the article:

    3. Asterix
      Has anyone done this?
    4. B33 ENN
      B33 ENN
      I'm not convinced offering better value is a primary factor in the certification market. To any potential certificate candidate, the most important thing will be the recognisability of the qualification to potential employers. Within reason, they would be prepared to invest whatever fee if the value of the examining authority's brand reflects that credentials long term benefits to their career.

      So they are targetting CompTIA up to and including Security+, but exactly what makes Prometric a trusted standard in the IT world that warrants competition with CompTIA? A name that has taken decades to establish itself, and is still not that well-known in many parts of the employment world?

      I'm not sure I see where the gap in the market was that they felt the need to do this, so I feel this may be more about filling the gap in revenue left behind after Pearson VUE became the sole provider of the CompTIA exams some time ago.

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